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Sleep Study at Home in Navi Mumbai

Sleep Study at Home in Navi Mumbai

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Home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) is an overnight examination done away from a medical facility or sleep lab. HSAT is also known as a polygraph, home sleep test (HST), out-of-center sleep test (OCST), home sleep test (HST), out-of-center recording (OOC), and home sleep test (HST) (PG) (Sleep Study at Home in Navi Mumbai).

Some people, but not all, can successfully be diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea using this kind of testing. Because it can be done at home, home sleep apnea testing is frequently less expensive and regarded as more convenient than an in-lab sleep study.

You typically need to pick up specialized equipment from your doctor’s office or a sleep clinic in order to perform a home sleep apnea test. Then, you carefully adhere to the guidelines provided for using the various test devices that were given to you. You spend at least one night sleeping normally while having particular devices attached to your body to gather data.

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