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Sleep Study at Home at Navi Mumbai

Sleep Study at Home at Navi Mumbai

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Your muscles, including the ones in your throat and chest that support breathing, relax while you sleep. If you have sleep apnea, breathing can be interrupted by relaxed throat muscles and a constricted airway. Testing for sleep apnea at home is a quick, affordable way to determine whether you have breathing problems (Sleep Study at Home at Navi Mumbai).

A very basic breathing monitor is worn during a home sleep apnea test to track your breathing, oxygen levels, and breathing effort. It falls short of capturing everything that is observed during an overnight sleep study. A more thorough analysis of sleep problems is provided by overnight sleep studies.

They are supervised by a sleep technologist and record a lot more signals, such as leg movements, muscle tone, and sleep-related brainwaves. An overnight sleep study at a sleep center may be preferable for people with specific heart, breathing, or neuromuscular issues.

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