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Oxygen Machine on Rent in Panvel

Oxygen Machine on Rent in Panvel

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Consider an oxygen machine to be similar to a window air conditioner that transforms and delivers air in a different form. The oxygen concentrator draws air in and cleans it for use by people who need medical oxygen because their blood oxygen levels are low (Oxygen Machine on Rent in Panvel).

It works by:

  1. Compressing air as the cooling mechanism keeps the concentrator from becoming overheated
  2. Taking air in from its surroundings
  3. Using an electronic interface to adjust delivery settings
  4. Removing nitrogen from the air through sieve beds and a filter
  5. Delivering purified oxygen through a mask or nasal cannula

Historically, pressurized oxygen tanks were the mainstay of oxygen therapy patients. The fact that the suppliers must frequently visit the patients to refill their tanks with oxygen despite the fact that these tanks are very effective also makes them fairly inefficient.

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