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Bipap Machine on Rent in Panvel

Bipap Machine on Rent in Panvel

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You may have trouble breathing if you have certain medical conditions. You might benefit from bilevel positive airway pressure in these circumstances. It is frequently referred to as “BiPap” or “BPap.” It is a particular kind of ventilator that facilitates breathing (Bipap Machine on Rent in Panvel).

Your lungs enlarge when you breathe in during normal breathing. The main breathing muscle in your chest, the diaphragm, moving downward is the cause of this. As a result, the pressure inside your lungs’ tubes and sacs decreases. Your lungs take in air as a result of the pressure drop. With oxygenated air, they fill.

A BiPap machine can help you breathe more easily by forcing air into your lungs. A mask or nasal plugs that are attached to the ventilator are worn by you. Your airways receive pressurized air from the machine. Because the machine uses this air pressure to assist in opening your lungs, it is known as “positive pressure ventilation.”

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